Where Can I Sell My Shoes for Cash Near Me

Looking to make some cash by selling your shoes? You’re in luck! There are plenty of options available near you.

Consignment shops, online marketplaces, local Facebook buy and sell groups, pawn shops, and shoe resale stores are all great places to start.

With so many choices, you’re sure to find the perfect place to sell your shoes and earn some extra money.

So go ahead and clean out your closet – it’s time to turn those old kicks into cash!

Consignment Shops

You can sell your shoes for cash near you at consignment shops. Consignment shops offer a convenient and hassle-free way to sell your shoes and make some extra money. These shops work by allowing you to bring in your gently used shoes and then they sell them on your behalf. When your shoes sell, you’ll receive a portion of the profits.

Consignment shops are a great option because they typically have a wide customer base and can attract buyers who are specifically looking for second-hand shoes. They also take care of the selling process for you, including pricing and marketing.

Online Marketplaces

If consignment shops aren’t your preferred option, consider exploring online marketplaces to sell your shoes for cash. Online marketplaces offer a convenient and accessible platform for selling your shoes to interested buyers.

One popular online marketplace is eBay, where you can create listings for your shoes and set your desired price.

Another option is Poshmark, a platform specifically designed for selling fashion items, including shoes. Poshmark allows you to create listings, interact with potential buyers, and negotiate prices.

Additionally, websites like Grailed and Depop cater to a more niche market, focusing on designer and streetwear shoes. These online marketplaces provide a wide-reaching audience, allowing you to connect with buyers from around the world and potentially secure a higher selling price for your shoes.

Local Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

To expand your options for selling your shoes, consider joining local Facebook buy and sell groups in your area. These groups provide a convenient platform for connecting with potential buyers who are specifically interested in purchasing second-hand items.

By joining these groups, you can easily post pictures and descriptions of your shoes, set your desired price, and interact with interested buyers through comments or private messages. Unlike online marketplaces, local Facebook buy and sell groups often have a more personal touch, allowing for face-to-face transactions and the opportunity to negotiate prices directly with buyers.

Additionally, these groups are usually geographically focused, which means you can connect with buyers who are located near you, making it easier to arrange for pickup or delivery.

Pawn Shops

Continuing the discussion from local Facebook buy and sell groups, consider exploring pawn shops as an option to sell your shoes for cash near you.

Pawn shops can be a convenient and quick way to turn your unwanted shoes into money. These establishments are known for buying a wide variety of items, including shoes, and offering cash on the spot.

By visiting a pawn shop, you can showcase your shoes to potential buyers who are actively searching for secondhand items. Additionally, pawn shops often have a built-in customer base, which increases the chances of selling your shoes quickly.

Remember to bring your shoes in good condition and clean, as this can help to attract potential buyers and negotiate a better price.

Shoe Resale Stores

Consider checking out shoe resale stores near you to sell your shoes for cash. Shoe resale stores specialize in buying and reselling gently used shoes, providing a convenient and hassle-free way to sell your footwear. These stores often have a wide range of customers looking for different styles and brands, increasing the chances of selling your shoes quickly.

Furthermore, they’ve knowledgeable staff who can assess the value of your shoes and offer you a fair price. Selling to a shoe resale store also eliminates the need for listing your shoes online or dealing with potential buyers directly.

With these stores, you can simply bring in your shoes, receive an offer, and walk out with cash in hand. So, if you’re looking to sell your shoes for cash, consider visiting a shoe resale store near you.


You have several options when it comes to selling your shoes for cash near you.

Consider consignment shops, online marketplaces, local Facebook buy and sell groups, pawn shops, or shoe resale stores.

These options allow you to easily and conveniently sell your shoes and make some extra cash.

Explore these options and find the best fit for your needs.


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